Interview Dave Marian

Dave MarianInterview Dave Marian

How do you define yourself?

Well, I don’t use to define myself but let’s say that I’m a person with a low profile. I’m just a simple shy guy.

How do you find your inspiration?

Depending of the moment, sometimes I can find my inspiration in a simple field record or just listening to another songs and other times I can’t even finish a track even if spend six months working on it.

Which digital instrument do you like to use?

I use Ableton since I started to make noise and I don’t change it for nothing, it’s my favorite DAW. For the pads and the chords I always use Operator. I’m in a serious relationship with this synth, I just love it for his simplicity.

We love your Ep “Pleiades” published in the label “Archives”, whats your opinion about this label? 

I’m glad you love the EP, thank you! First of all I choose this label because I have already worked with his boss ”Warmth” before. He released some tunes on ”Edaphon”, a netlabel I was running before. We changed a couple of words and I decided that ”Archives” is the perfect place for my EP. I like a lot the stuff he is releasing at the moment and the way he is focusing the label. Definitely it’s a label with a great future and a lot of awesome artists.

What do you offer in your live performances?

Mmm… I’m very critical with myself so it’s difficult to answer this question hehehe. Well for the moment I just wan’t to express myself through my music and share it with the world.

Wich is your favorite production? What does it means to you?

Well I guess I like all of them in a way or another but definitely ”Pleiades” is my favorite production untill now. It just has something special for me.

What is your opinion of the electronic scene in Romania?

From what I’ve seen on videos the scene over there is more focused on minimal techno so I guess it’s like everywhere but to be honest I’m not so involved in the Romanian electronic scene so I can say that I’m totally disconnected from all that has to do with it.

What has been your experience with the labels?

Since I started to release music I had almost bad experiences rather than good ones and for this reason I limit myself to work only with a few labels which I consider professionals.