Interview Anton Lanski

…”I find inspiration from a rainy morning, or just a forest walking with dear friend”

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How do you define yourself?
Sound Producer, music Creator, life anticipator…

How do you find your inspiration?
It could be anything. A song, a movie, a rainy morning, or just a forest walking with dear friend

Which digital instrument do you like to use?
Generally speaking, it’s not so important which instrument you use. It’s much more important what do you want to say or how do you need to reflect the surrounding world. My favourite things to do that are my heart, my hands and computer tools

Whats are your favorite labels?
So many good and very different labels. Etoka of course is very good for me. I love BattiBatti, Serie Limitee Records, Scissor & Thread. Great works by Freund der Familie guys. I also like Other People and Erased Tapes. A lot of great music. It always depends on my mood of course

Witch is your favorite production? What does it means to you?
There are tones… I used to rely on my feelings anytime anywhere. So I always have something to listen to in every situation, for any place

Apart from electronic music, What other genres do you like to listen to?
I like music as a structure of related sounds. It’s like chemistry. So I like them all I guess. In a way..)

What is your opinion of the electronic scene in Russia?
It is! Like almost everywhere. It’s big enough and it has wide range of genres and good artists. Good or bad. There are lots of really authentic musicians especially in small towns. And there are more and more labels – vinyl and digital.

What has been your experience with the labels?
Tell the true, I don’t like it. I mean it’s very convenient to have some kind of manager, who will work with labels, media and all. It takes so much time that you could better use for creating music or making a dinner for your girlfriend


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