Alex Humann interview 

How do you define yourself?

I don’t used to define myself but I think one side of me is like my music; Perhaps, intimate, imperfec and creative

How do you find your inspiration?

Perhaps, sound like a cliche but I think the inspiration must be to found, with my own experience I realized that some situations  make me feel new emotions and the necessity of express it. it’s very subjetive and it’s difficult to find the correct form, each artist must know focusing on the sensations

Which digital instrument do you like to use?

I really like Omnisphere by Spectrasonics, I think it’s one of the best digital synths that I have never found, powerfull and versatile, doesn’t matter  the kind of music you want to make with this synth

Whats are your favorite labels?

I have been fortunate to work with some of my favorite labels to date, I emphasize in Echocord and Silent Season

Wich is your favorite production? What does it means to you?

Definitely my track “Powerless”, It marked a before and at after in my life, the story of this track has a special meaning for me

Apart from electronic music, What other genres do you like to listen to?

I am passionate of Jazz and Blues besides I can enumerate 100 diferent bands that I enjoy myself to listening to them and they are a completly different music gender. I think it’s something essential that all producer must to do, all  contribute to your sound

What is your opinion of the electronic scene in Spain?

Ah! Is there electronic scene in Spain? it should be correct speak about  “business” of electronic music in Spain, if you generate income, then you are good. There are a amazing source of underground electronic artists that they have the necessity to go out their border with the objetive of evolution, I think that there are obvious fragmentation, the money has the final say

What has been your experience with the labels?

Up to now all things I can say are positives, there are some aspects that i would had changed  some aspects when I signed with some label but at the begining of my career I had to do big efforts and the money was not the most important thing, my personality is because of every situation I lived in the way to I became in a proffesional