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Luijo is a DJ based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, that has been delivering less commercial forms of house and techno since 2002. Luijo is the emblematical Deep Techno and Dub Techno artist in his country. Currently, he performs worldwide


01 Johannes Smith – Snobyen (Ubatmix) – Tasters Choice Recordings
02 Moreon & Baffa – Panamericana (Ben Buitendijk Remix) – Subwax Barcelona
03 Rowlanz Bee Side – RLZ Music
04 Janeret – Nightfall – RORA
05 Smith Bros. – Comatose (To Lags Myk Krepp Dub) – Tasters Choice Recordings
06 Callisto – Resistance – Guidance Recordings
07 Funk D’void – Home – Soma Quality Recordings
08 Dave Mothersole – Plus One – Electronica
09 Chris Udoh – Make It – Nordic Trax
10 Subsky – What U Want – Tronic Sounds
11 Dave Mothersole & Rob Pearson – Wanting You (Iteration X Distant Relative Mix) – Dorigen  
12 Smith Bros. – Homebound (Trudderudetrantanmix) – Tasters Choice Recordings
13 D-Jacob – Lost Voices – Tasters Choice Recordings

The conceptual approach of his music concentrates on building atmospheres and creating plenty of space between sounds, constructing a very harmonious balance between sound and silence. He understands music and scenery as a whole. His insightful musical vision can drive from the most penetrating and perceptive deep, dub, ambient, techno sounds, to the warmest, soul touching house rhythms. The refined mysticism transmitted through his music is inspired from both visual and sensual aspects of nature. For him, music is the perfect linkage between the listener and his environments. He constructs a unique atmosphere that can be the perfect start off, as well as the peak time outbreak, envisioning a flawless combination between a core full of crispy dub sounds and smooth minimal touches around the edges. His powerful delivery of rare and elegant music is his well-known trademark.

Luijo passed through various styles of music since an early age, such as Classical, Jazz, Baroque, Rock and Heavy Metal, receiving guitar lessons accordingly. For several years, he studied music composition and gained acceptance to the National Conservatory of Music.

Collecting records, crate digging and learning about computer-based music became his prominent hobby. His record collection now holds more than a thousand vinyls, from house and techno to classical and piano solo.

In the years 2003-2004 he collaborated as a volunteer with 97.5 FM Radio Sonido Tribal which earlier evolved as Visionario Radio Show, with guest mixes featuring underground house and techno.

Luijo holds a residency at Mixcult, a radio show from Saint Petersburg, Russia, that holds the best deep, dub and minimal techno sets combined with vintage visuals, alongside some of the most renowned Russian DJs such as Kirill Matveev, Andrey Pushkarev, Anton Lanksi, Lola Palmer, Havantepe, Idealist, Vasili Borisov, Kammerton, Alex Humann, Captain Ulitka. He is also part of Sub.Spiele Records, a label from Cologne, Germany, that combines both aesthetics and deep music.

He has collaborated with several groups: Arcticgrooves, a non profit project that remains advertising free, by broadcasting sets online as well as live shows, Robotmusik, an international underground DJ collective and booking agency, Fuzion Mix Radio, Buenos Aires, an Argentinian based underground electronic music radio station, Modulate FM, London, another underground electronic music radio station, Dewtone Recordings, Canada, another deep and dub techno label that features artists from all around the globe, Deep Mix Bucharest in Romania, a radio station that features carefully selected DJ sets around Europe, Deeptakt Records, a German based label with selected dub techno music, Frisky Radio, a groundbreaking electronic music internet radio and DJ mix subscription service with the largest collection of exclusive, human-curated electronic music and Cyclic Records, owned by Mihai Popoviciu in Bucharest, Romania. In 2016 he joins the Northern Lights Tour by Andrey Pushkarev with some of the brightest stars of the electronic music including Dana Ruh, Varhat, Cab Drivers, Nima Gorji and many more

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L U I J O , Dominican Republic

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