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Born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Kirill Matveev has demonstrated to be one of the most refined artists in his country. His sound can go through every mood possible, making him ideal for warming up a dance floor, early after hours and peak time outburst. Kirill has a very exquisite way of assembling musical journeys. His main focus is to present gems from both past and present to create a penetrating storyline for the listener, allowing abundant space between sounds for better appreciation.

His insightful vision and selection of electronic music has led him to achieve true magnetism with his audience emphasising his versatility as both DJ and producer. His contribution as an artist start in the year 1997 yet held nowadays with bigger projects ahead.

Kirill is the mastermind and CEO of Mixcult Radio, a Saint Petersburg based project that presents carefully selected Deep, Minimal, Dub, Techno and House music from all epochs with a wide range of vintage videos from Russia.

His project “Mixcult” has efficiently operated as an establishment for artistic manifestation and a medium for visionary output, allowing underground artists to break through to a much wider audience that seek for unquestionable quality music.

His executive activities and creative bearing for Mixcult has helped encourage the careers of worldwide artist friends like Andrey Pushkarev, Luijo, Lola Palmer, Havantepe, Pavel Iudin, Idealist. Alex Humann, Anton Lanski


How do you define yourself?
A happy man I think. I have a family, I do what I love and working with really nice people

What Mixcult is?
Always growing organism.. My child, my passion, maybe it is me myself.. And it is a platform for musicians.   Website: Mixcult

How Mixcult was born?
It was born as a mix series but I always new that it will become a radio station. I am a radio addicted from young school times. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough knowledges and other abilities to start doing it 10 or 20 years ago. After the mix series started I found some people with the same music tastes and now we are doing it all together. Than I started making a video version of these mixes. Now it is more than 100 video episodes on YouTube. We use soviet doc films in it. MixCult became a cultural fact/thing/activity with these video section. It is now more than just about music. It is about Russia and techno music, specially about Saint Petersburg (ex Leningrad) and finally I launched a radio station on – was so happy that day ))

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We heard that Mixcult will became in a Label? What will we find in Mixcult label?
Yes. We are starting to release digital music and what is important – vinyl.  First EPs will be out on Bandcamp this month and in all online shops worldwide in Jan 2017. Everyone will be able to get our music on our site, but not only music. We will also be offering t-shirts and other special things.
This year I started my own oil paintings and I find it very useful for the label.

All cover designs for covers digital and vinyl are based on pictures I paint by myself. Im really happy with that. No need to wait someones design, no need to explain your ideas for pictures. All is made by your hands even if it is a t-shirt.

Hand craft business ))

What does the music mean for you?
Almost everything. Something like an air we breathe.

We know that the main feature in your performance it’s playing with turn table. Currently we find lots of difference ways to play music then, which digital or analog equipment do you like to use for playing music?
I have had an experience of playing digital music some years ego using Serato. It really helped me to discover more tracks and music in general. Tones of different music were filtered by ears and mind. I wish everyone to spend couple of years on Beatport or on Bandcamp digging music every day. But than I got back to vinyl for many reasons and I am happy with it. Sometimes I use Cd/digital players just to play promos or for playing my own production just cause I dont have it on vinyl. And that’s it.

One reason you love to play with vinyls?
I feel music better, I control it better. I just love vinyl. And I really can see what I play. And yes, it sounds different 100% true. Just because of technical specialities of pressing vinyl.

Favourite place to buy music?
Internet shops only and Discogs. Physical shops makes me feel tired )) I don’t like to be depend of shop buyer decisions. This means he/she decides what music is needed to the shop from distributors. It is not what I really need. So Its a strange situation for me. And It usually takes a lot of time to find something proper among tones of garbage in these shops. I prefer to dig music from home

Are you producing music? Will we listen to any production from Kirill Matveev?
Yes I am. Definitely you will listen to my tracks when we will start releasing on MixCult!

We saw you playing music around Russia but what is you favourite club? 
I don’t have a favourite one. I just love good parties with nice people and good technical equipment in a venue. The best way is to play for people several hours feeling and specially that they also love the music that you love. People makes clubs and parties be favourite. If we are talking about Saint Petersburg it is Stackenschneider. Really nice people and long sets untill 12am.

Apart from electronic music, what other genres do you like to listen to?
Old school hip-hop and all around 100-115 bpm in this style – it is so sexy! A little jazz, trip-hop, ambient.. But to be honest, I use to listen to the silence. Yes, I need to keep control the air of MixCult radio every day and listen to new music in shops but if I am not doing that I prefer to listen nothing.

What is your opinion of the electronic scene in Russia?
We (russians) finally started sounds professionally. Scene is growing and it is perfect. Competition makes us stronger and more professional.
And you will find those names in our label catalogue soon. I don’t mind where the music comes from and if it is made by russian it is just great! But I don’t want to promote people just because they are russians. First of all is the quality of production and its sound. If the track fits MixCult and it can be taken to the mixes and than be played on air of radio – nice! – we are taking it.

Something you like to do in your free time?
Food, 1 or 2 friends, outdoors, sauna.. nature. I really like to spend my time doing my work. The thing is that I dont have just to sit in studio producing and producing. So I can change type of work every day and every 2-3 hours. Thats really helps to keep having interest to what you do.

Favourite film?
I can’t find the one

Summer or winter?
Both of them. Winter is more productive for me I thing. Or maybe not ))

K I R I L L  M A T V E E V , Russia
Soundcloud : Kirill Matveev
Facebook : Kirill Matveev

A photo by Oliver & Hen Pritchard-Barrett.

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