“Music means everything to me”


Narcotic 303, born 1982 in Cologne. He has been leaving for 9 years in Schwaebisch Gmuend in south of Germany. He started to produced music in 1996 with hardcore and dnb followed by trance, techno, minimal and now dubtechno and sometimes future garage, he founded 2009 Gleichtakt Records. a 100% free music netlabel, being offline since 2013.
He founded 2013 Deeptakt Records. His next big project is the future garage label “against silence records”. He has released on Tooltech records, Gleichtakt records, Dimbideep, Deepindub records and Deeptakt records. One of his tracks was released on vinyl by Dimbideep records. He released two cd albums. The album “stairway to the moon” is a self release on Bandcamp site and th 2nd album “second world” is released on Deepindub but both releases are for free now on his Bandcamp site:

How do you define yourself?
I am a crazy person and I am addicted to music

What does the music mean for you?
Music means everything for me. It’s a feeling, it’s a live style, hope, trust and inspiration

We notice that you managing the label Deeptakt Records, Could you tell us more about this label?
Deeptakt Records was born in 2013 it starts with a podcast edition mixed by ColdEP but before I set it up I was running the label Gleichtakt Records. It was a Creative Commons Netlabel, it means free rights in our music. I knew which was my purpose to get better and growing up creating a bigger stuff and specially knowing new things about label’s world, so I started the commercial label “Deeptakt Records” and it opened to me many doors. The focus on Deeptakt Records is round Dubtechno genre and bringing live artists like Graynoise, Monochord, Bjorn Rohde, Biodub, Matthias Springer and many more. Actually I am just in a break looking after my private life but I would like to carry on working hard on 2016 – 2017

We know that you started to produce music in the 90s, what software o hardware do you use when you start with it?
A friend from the school started to produce music in 1996 and he showed me just taken the first step with the useful Roland TR 606 and SH 101. At that time on a Amiga with the first Cubase. I was immediately taken care of this things. My first try to produce was with “Fast Tracker II” software. Later I switched that software with “Propellerheads Reason” and currenly I am working with “Reason” and “Ableton Live”

We read something about “Against silence Records” Could you tell us more about it?
Yes, it’s in the initial phase of my new stuff, Against Silence label will bring us Future Garage tracks, I love this genre.  Currenly I am looking for Artists and getting it ready, we will see what the future brings up

Are you working in a new album?
I have some unreleased tracks. Actually, I would like to release within this year my 3rd album, with a english label which contacted to me to arrange a vinyl edition, then I just have to finish thouse tracks and it will be my next one. Hopefully it will be sucessful otherwise I will release not far away my next personal album. I fancy to realease something after my last track “Interstellar” it was released on vinyl edition by “Dimbi Deep Music”

Are you using Ableton Live to produce music? Why?
Yes and also Propellerheads Reason. I like the workflow and the most people using Ableton and it is easier to do remixes when they use the same software 

Favourite place to buy music? 
Juno Download and Bandcamp. I like Bandcamp, because they offer  to the artist and labels a huge support but …I would use “Juno”  rather than “Beatport”. Nothing more to say.

Apart from electronic music, what other genres do you like to listen to?
There are some more genres I like but all of them round to electronic music. I like Drum and Bass, Neurofunk, Dubstep, Future Garage, sometimes Hardtechno, also Dark Techno but my favorite genre is Dub Techno

Something you love of Germany?
The music scene and the people

Something you like to do in your free time?
I usually spend my leisure time with my children and my wife.Also, I am a passionate gamer.

N A R C O T I C 3 0 3 , Germany
Soundcloud : Narcotic303
Facebook : Narcotic303


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