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Narcotic 303, born 1982 in Cologne. Lived since 9 years in Schwaebisch Gmuend in south of Germany

He started to producing on 1996 with hardcore and dnb. later trance, techno, minimal and now dub techno and sometimes future garage, he founded 2009 Gleichtakt Records. a 100% free music netlabel. It is offline since 2013.
He founded 2013 Deeptakt Records. Him next big project is the future garage label “against silence records”. He has releases on Tooltech records, Gleichtakt records, Dimbideep, Deepindub records and Deeptakt records. One of his tracks was released on vinyl by Dimbideep records

He released two cd albums. The album “stairway to the moon” is a self release on Bandcamp site and th 2nd album “second world” is released on Deepindub but both releases are for free now on my Bandcamp site:

01 Margaris Kid – Last One
02 Santinela – Moments
03 Volor Flex – Senility
04 Warmth – Shoreline (Original)
05 Deepchord Presents Echospace – Sub-Marine
06 Tom Cabrinha – Awaken
07 Dave Marian – Echoes (Original Mix)
08 Minimal Boffin – Jardin d’Acclimation
09 Mikael Delta – Thanks for Being You
10 Graynoise – Oxymoron
11 Ioon Cosmic – Runner’s High Part 1
12 S_EncE – Free Hugs 03
13 Hydergine – Shamanic Healing
14 Narcotic 303 – Gruen
15 Alex Human – Violet Violence

N A R C O T I C 3 0 3 , Germany
Soundcloud : Narcotic303
Facebook : Narcotic303

04 septiembre

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