“Music has always been an integral part of my life-ever since I was a kid”


Stelios Vassiloudis is a musician, producer and DJ specialising in electronic house music. He has released music under various other monikers and aliases over the last 5 years, racking up an impressive discography and collaborating with an exciting and diverse number of labels such as Bedrock, Audiomatique and Moodmusic

What does the music mean for you?
Music has always been an integral part of my life-ever since I was a kid. It’s an important outlet for me to express myself and I’ve been extremely lucky to be able to cultivate a supplemental revenue stream from it over the years.

How do you describe or define your music?
Intelligent electronic music. I am not too concerned with how much hype or “support” my tracks get from DJs. My aspiration is to make music that can “live” in an environment other than a dancefloor and for longer than a few weeks.

Navigating on your web site we notice that your last work was the 33.3 release of Bedrock Records, are you working in a new album?
I am slowly getting there. 33.3 is the first of a trilogy and then I will move on to the full LP.

We love the music coming from Bedrock Records obviously, what has been you experience with Bedrock Records?
They are a great label, for sure. I don’t know how differently they work compared to other labels or how much more (or less) efficient they are in comparison, but the guys running it are good friends of mine and I feel comfortable working with them and trust them to take good care of me


When did you start to produce music? 
I’ve been making music for a long time, the first actual recording of my music probably dates back to the early 90’s and was done on a 4-track! I always wanted to be a musician and when I was a kid music was the only real thing I was into.

What is your most important production? What does it mean to you?
“Particle”, with my friend Good Newz, on Dave Seaman’s Audiotherapy label is the one that sticks out. It was the first track I ever signed (and what a great label to sign to!), I met one of my best friends and my future manager, I got two of my oldest friends involved on the remix and it generally opened up a world of possibilities for me. It ticks all the boxes!

Are you using Ableton Live to produce music? 
I use Logic. I learned how to use it at University and then it became the default Apple music software… I’m pretty lazy and I hate change I guess.

Which was your first sequencer to produce music?
Before going to University I had a brief affair with Cubase. Thank God, it didn’t work out.

Which digital or analog instrument do you love to use to produce music? 
My ’93 Les Paul Standard. Electronic music, sequencers, synths and keyboards are great in their own respect but, for me, nothing compares to the feeling of a real, live instrument going through analogue amplification and pushing air through speakers.

Currently we find lots of difference ways to play music then, which digital or analog equipment do you like to use for playing music?
I now use Traktor for playing gigs. I started DJing using vinyl and I loved visiting shops and buying records. CDs were kind of a necessary evil and made things a little more mobile (a lot less shit to carry) but I really hated how disorganized things got and how silly burning WAV and MP3 files to a CD before gigs is. USB sticks are kinda like the most logical step (before streaming takes over completely) but I don’t have the time (or inclination) to learn the CDJ interface or re-organize my music.

We saw you playing music around the world but what is you favourite club? 
I’ve played all over the world and I’ve been to many fantastic clubs but if I had to pick one, I’d probably say Fabric. I never played there and (now) I never will. It’s where I really discovered the power of dance music when I was a student back in the early 00’s and I’ve had some really, really memorable nights out there. It was just perfect, no bullshit.

Apart from electronic music, what other genres do you like to listen to?
I listen to pretty much everything and anything. It depends on the mood or the circumstance, really. Electronic music is probably the genre I listen to the least-especially 4/4 club-oriented music.

Something you like to do in your free time?
I’ve always loved sports so I spend a decent amount of time playing with friends or doing some form of exercise. I’m getting older now and it’s not so easy so I’ve decided to concentrate of less visceral activities, such as cooking.

Something you love of Greece?
The weather and climate.

Something you hate of Greece?
This question deserves a separate interview.

Your favourite food?
This also deserves a separate interview in my opinion but if I have to choose one at this very moment I’d probably say nothing beats a well cooked ribeye.

Summer or winter?
Summer hands down

S T E L I O S , Greece
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