“Music helps me every day to relieve stress and worries, it makes me imagine a better world”


How do you define yourself?
To begin with, I want to thank you for your invitation and your interest about my work
In relation to your question, It’s not easy for me to speak about myself. All I can say is that for a long time I have been passionated about music, and I can’t imagine my life without it.

What does the music mean for you?
A way of expressing and a universal language. But music has a huge range of possibilities, relaxing, focusing, dancing or meditating. The way of understanding it depens on the way you are feeling, your state of mind and the way you are looking through the world in each moment . Music helps me every day to relieve stress and worries, and it makes me imagine a better world. Even though I know this is a utopia, the important thing is to believe it!

How do you describe or define your music?
I have been working to develop my sound´s universe for long time, I learn every day and it’s far from over. I got to know through my productions dubtechno I was very inspired by Basic Channel, who needs no introduction, but increasingly now I turn to the more ambient music, experimental. But it always happens to me to make dubtechno beats from time to time! I like the style of mixing too, I am currently working a new EP mixing ambient, dub deep

Navigating on your web site we found a fantastic collection of samples (Vol I Field Recording (HQ Samples). Was it produced by yourself? 
I created this sample library for my personal needs, and it is only a small part of my library, I record with a Zoom H2N, very nice material, considering the sound quality and price. I use a lot of field recording in my compositions, as well as to create a sound environment, a background, or to create a drums kit. This is according to my mood! I like the idea of creating sounds from actual sounds of nature, a environment or a simple object being dropped, it gives to my songs a more organic touch.

Also, we saw in your web site a fantastic Ableton Live plugin called “Dirty Filter.” 
Right, I like to share my small production tools, so it can be used by other artists! I’m not a M4L developer, I will like to learn because I have ideas, but it takes ages! So far I have created my own racks of instruments or effects that can modulate the sounds easier with macros, and it’s fast to create.

Grab the plugin here:

Are you using Ableton Live to produce music? 
Yes, I work on Ableton Live for a long time. This is the best DAW out there for me, being able to research quickly with the Session Mode / Clips, one gains a phenomenal time, and then to sequence, with APC40 or Push for example, is simply fantastic ! The updates are regular, full of novelties every time, Ableton team did a great job. Also,I like to use effects, they are really good quality

Which was your first sequencer to produce music?
I started with Fruity Loop and Cubase if I remember correctly in the 90s.

Which digital or analog instrument do you love to use? 
I love Ableton Live instruments, they are very powerful, Operator, Analog, Sampler and Simpler really complete and we can already create any style of sounds. By cons, gradually, I change the virtual synth to hardware instruments, I have already invested in an Access Virus Snow, an old DX7 and most recently a Korg Minilogue. What I want to buy next is a Elektron Analog Rytm and some other supplements for my studio, some effects pedals and probably a new sound card (RME). In the future, a modular synth!

Which is your favourite production? 
Oddly, I don’t like my productions for long time. Maybe I have to work long hours to create them…it could be the reason why or maybe because I’m too demanding with myself or a perfectionist, then I´m finding out faults every time.
If I had to mention it might be: “Last Dream Before Sleep”, The Acrobat “Lost In The Freezing Fog” and “Amnesia” I find the most successful

Which digital or analog equipment do you like to use for playing music?
I mainly listen to music on my PC, in my home studio or in my car. I mix with Traktor Kontrol S2 and a Focusrite 2i4 card, monitor speakers KRK R6 and my inseparable Sony MDR 7506, my most faithful friend!

Your last work was “The best of”, are you working in a new album?
I´m working a new Ep (4 titles) for the coming weeks, which will be released on my Bandcamp, and I always planned a new ambient album in development oriented dub / drone / experimental / glitch . But I can not say more, because I work at my own pace! And I also expect the acquisition of a Elektron Analog Rythm to make this happen

Which is your favourite Label?
I like many labels, is a long list , but the first one coming to my mind could be Silent Season because most of the best producers of ambient techno dub are on their catalog, it is for me the best reference in this Musical style. I love Archives and also Dewtone or in a more experimental style: Mille Plateaux, n5MD, Kranky, 12K … and I have to mention many more!

What is your opinion of the electronic scene in France?
I’m a little disconnected from the French scene, unfortunately. I listen to a lot more foreign artists from the 4 corners of the planet, with some dubtechno artists who are unfortunately few in France as my friends Zzzzra and Upwellings

Apart from electronic music, what other genres do you like to listen to?
Sometimes I listen to classical music (Satie, Debussy, Chilly Gonzales …), rock / pop (Pink Floyd, Muse, The Prodigy, Gainsbourg …) and also old stuff old school, I have a big preference and a great nostalgia for electronic music in the early 90s.

Something you like to do in your free time?
Traveling when I’m available to do it with my wife and my children, nature walk, photography, playing poker and making small dose video games

Something you love of France?
The variety of landscapes, great food, good wine, cultural heritage, diversity and smile of pretty girls!

Your favourite food?
I am a foodie, I have many favourite dishes food !!! I love Italian food (lasagna) and oriental dishes (Couscous, Tagine …) and Pine nuts cake!

Summer or winter?
Summer for my holidays, family and friends, winter for my music production of course !

Long life to Muzaik !

F I N G E R S  I N  T H E  N O I S E , France
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