“Wherever you are inspiration will came to you through amazing views, sounds, smells or even the silence”

036 Faidel

Faidel, the DJ and music producer , currently based in London, tell us in this Interview all about his life as an artist, his last Album, new avenues, letting us deepen about some personal thoughts

When did you realized that music is your only way to understand the life?
When I was four my parents gave a keys to me in my birthday. As of this moment , music started to be part of my life
When I was 13 I used to spend my time off recording songs from the radio, and playing them as a game, and then I decided ask to my parents for a turntable as a present for my birthday. As of then I realised what means music for me

How difficult was making the decision to be music? Were you supported by people around you?
It was easy , because I can imagine my life without music, so I didn’t think about how difficult it could be, at all.
Regarding whether people around is supporting me or not….
Actually , yes they are.
Usually people who can understand you is just other musicians and producers but it is not for me because I think I’m really lucky.
My family and my friends are supporting me all the time , and especially my girlfriend who never complain about it. She is supporting me every day 100% maybe because she is musician as well o maybe because she is by far crazier than me

How hard it has been to be music?
It is not easy. You have to give the music 100% of your time and keep learning every day without rest if you love to get the best results and also, as many of Artist knows, you have to get other job to get money at the end of the month. Then the only way to be successful is working long hours day by day, month by month. It is a endless job. Working , working and working . It´s the key.

Have you ever thought give up?
Never at all. It´s not me it´s my brain which is working without rest. It doesn´t matter how hard is the way I´m not going to give it up

By the time we ask to Faidel how does he define his music , he has just muted. He is not able to say nothing about it. His music is just himself

Mixing o producing music?
Actually, it depends on the moment. Sometimes you need produce and sometimes mix. Just wake up and let the feelings run

036 Faidel

Do you thing DJ´s image is being damaged nowadays?
Yes, I do. I think the image is distort at all, but the world is changing and we can´t control it. Who really appreciate music knows what means a DJ, so this is my target no one else

Why did you decide move home to England?
To be honest my aim was learn English, a really needed skill if you want to open your music to the world but also I move home to England looking for new knowledge , experiences and inspiration and I got it soon releasing one of the most important albums in my career, a CD_R disc physical version called “Edelweiss” the digital release by “Archives” Then so far my experience in UK it being great

Tell us more about Archives
Well… I think it is high quality . It is more than music, Archives is also design and lovely ambience and specially a very nice treatment by it owner “Warmth”

Are you planning travel abroad again, trucking the inspiration around the world?
Well, -Faidel smile
To be honest…yes. Now I´m working in my next Album and the sounds, smells, and feelings in here are not enough anymore. Now I´m planning to release something inspired by sunny and hot days

Tell us more about yourself
I am a easy going person….
Actually not, I’m not – Faidel laughing
I love sports , skiing and football
My favorite food is paella and I like to enjoy with gin and tonic a peaceful moment 

Apart from of electronic music, what other genres do you like to listen to in your time off?
As long as it is a quality music I can enjoy whichever but to be honest , electronic music is the one

2 things you can´t bear it.
People cutting in line and noisy people eating

2 things you love
My girlfriend and my dog

F A I D E L , London, UK
Website: Faidel
Soundcloud : Faidel
Facebook : Faidel  

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