Muzaik 007 faidel

Muzaik your essential weekly programme, Every Monday 00h – 01h on Loca fm radio, Spain Just hang out with the best electronics sounds in a warm atmosphere

01 Von Schommer – Untitled 01 I DeepChord
02 Alex Humann & Faidel – Zensored (Original Mix) I Etoka Records
03 Brickman – Lazy Day Hook (Original mix) I Tehnofonika Records
04 Dave Wesley – Technology kill scarcity (Original mix) I Artic Dub
05 Dave Wesley – Sahasrara I Artic Dub
06 Dave Wesley – Archaic Hexahedron (Advanced Dreams Remix)
07 Alessandro Crimi – Nebelwald (Original mix)
08 Giuliano Rodrigues – Apogeu (Original mix) I Gentlemens Groove
09 Goran Geto – Diving to deep (Brickman remix) I Coldtear Records
10 Brickman – Velvet (Original mix) I Bulletdodge
11 Doyeq – Cut (Original Mix) I Draft LTD
12 Un-Node – Paul (Original Mix) I From Any Direction
13 Havantepe – Distanced (Original mix) I 200 Records

Selected and mixed by Faidel

Muzaik is a official programme “Dub Techno cannel, Locafm radio” and what is DubTechno channel?
Enjoy with the new thematic channel, where you will be able to hang out with us enjoying with the best dub, deep & techno sound, 24 hours without breaks, just music, deep, dub techno, ambient…

Directed Faidel Photo